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Bring the latest technologies and innovation into your classroom.

Global Awards

Google Certified Innovator/Trainer and Apple Distinguished Educator.


Facilitate seamless integration of technology into existing practice.

Range of Services

  • Expertise to share ideas across the curriculum
  • Unique experience as Governor, HoF, HoD and teacher
  • Simple tech solutions to improve efficiency
  • Save printing and photocopying bill!
  • Improved communication with parents
  • Online support as standard
  • All resources shared via cloud
  • Set up free, cloud based performance management
  • Subject specific technology advice
  • Enable all to get most out of new tools
  • Help middle leaders make most of data
  • Work with department heads to tailor appraisals
  • Help embed useful tools into schemes of work
  • Share faculty resources via the cloud
  • Solutions that take some of stress out of daily teaching
  • Redefine existing teaching and learning practice
  • 6 years’ experience of ITT and mentoring
  • Students mentored: 100% good+, >60% outstanding
  • #FutureReady CVs that stand out from crowd
  • Innovations trainees can use straight away
  • Demonstration of own teaching practice
  • Introduce good practice to keep up to date
  • Cloud storage to collaborate with colleagues
  • Work with your institution to tailor content
  • visits to site before and after
  • online support possible
  • can survey staff prior to training
  • book for more than one day to save and consolidate
  • possibility of leadership/governor training days
  • lots, lots more


“Just to say a big thank you for the session that you provided during the summer training day – I found it extremely useful.  Of many outcomes,  I have produced a working online spreadsheet to monitor pupil progress at KS3. It was recognised by my line manager as excellent practice and exceeded one of my CPD targets.”


Head of Faculty


“Jon has an excellent knowledge and understanding of education technology.  His delivery is engaging, accessible to all delegates and rightly received excellent feedback. He gave everyone lots of food for thought, but more importantly gave all ideas that they can use to have immediate impact in their classrooms.”


Subject Support


“The skills, knowledge and passion that Jon has for the implementation of technologies has inspired both myself and colleagues to push boundaries as educators. Using his vast knowledge, Jon’s sessions always have lots of takeaways. He has opened my eyes to many innovative possibilities of using technology as an educational tool.”



Frequently Asked Questions

Staff don't like technology. What can be done?

Some have experienced less than ideal outcomes with technology in education.  Understandably, this leads to hesitancy in future adoption.  However, the primary reason behind these scenarios arises not because of anything lacking in the technology but rather there was something missing in its implementation.  Simply having devices, however expensive, is not the silver-bullet!  It gives me great pleasure than to help institutions and colleagues grow in user-confidence.  Once this journey has started, before long technology becomes a crucial tool in anyone’s pedagogical portfolio!

Technology is very expensive. How can we afford it?

Some technology is expensive, some isn’t!

I have developed a vast knowledge of cloud based tools that give schools the opportunity to embrace technological change with little or no cost.  Additionally, I have worked with faculties to develop strategies that work very well in a one device classroom.

Over time even the most expensive of technological resources pay their way owing to savings in money, time and resources.

Awarded Google Certified Innovator, Apple Distinguished Educator and Google Certified Trainer; I am well positioned to tailor advice and sessions for all schools and their resources.

We want things that work in today's classrooms. Are you currently teaching?

Yes!  In addition to my role as an EdTech advisor, I am also Head of eLearning at a school in Hampshire.  The vast majority of my weekly timetable is spent teaching Economics, Business and IT.  I wanted to stay attached to a school to ensure that all advice given is tried and tested.

Our situation is unique. Are you sure you can help us?

From students to staff, sports hall to IT suite, community to parents… every school is unique.  Having worked with schools both in the UK and Europe, I would be delighted to hear from you about how we can work together in the future to identify the unique opportunities that your unique school will have!


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